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4 Reasons Why Your Home Stays Dusty

You do your best to maintain a clean home. You regularly vacuum the carpet. You thoroughly scrub your sinks and countertops. And you remember to occasionally empty your freezer and refrigerator of expired foods. But despite your best efforts, your home still seems a little dirty. A thick layer of dust clings to your bookshelves, more...

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What’s the Ideal Home Temperature?

Have you ever argued with your spouse or children about the temperature of your home? You might like to keep the home cool, but your spouse secretly turns up the temperature when you’re not looking. With so many different preferences, it’s difficult to settle on a temperature that works for everyone in your family. The more...

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7 Reasons to Get a Ceiling Cassette AC System

If you’re looking for a new air conditioning system for your home, business or property, you’ve likely looked into several different options. You’ve considered split systems and ducted systems. But have you ever heard of ceiling cassettes? Ceiling cassettes are unique because they don’t sit in your window or on the wall; they mount on more...

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Ways to Stay Cool in Perth this Summer

If you’re a longtime Perth resident, you know how hot the summer can get. But if you’re new to Perth, you might be surprised to see temperatures reach an average of 25 degrees C each day. Fortunately, a high-quality air conditioner can keep your home cool throughout the summer months. But if you need to more...

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How to Know if Your Air Con Unit is the Right Size for Your Home or Business

For anyone living and working in Perth, air conditioning is a wonderful invention of the modern world. True, a roof over your head and food to eat are the real essentials, but it’s a definite problem if you lack a functioning air conditioning system during the summer months. Perhaps you already have an air conditioner more...