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We also cover ways on how you can lower your electric bills, especially during the winter. We know you want to stay comfortable at home when it gets colder outside. This guide helps you choose the right heater, particularly if you are searching for the most energy-efficient option out there.


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Lower Your Energy Costs in 2022

Man unplugging cables.
They say that when it comes to electric bills, the only way is up. Unfortunately, it seems that’s the case for us Aussies. There is hope, though. According to the Australian Energy Market Commission, we can expect an annual decrease in power bills of about $77 by 2024, thanks to the rise of solar power in the country. The Australian Bureau of Statistics released the latest report regarding renewable energy supplies, which have grown by 15% since 2019.

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10 Tips to Keep Your Home Cool in the Summer

Child suffering from the summer heat indoors.
Everyone looks forward to the summer. It's the season for enjoying outdoor activities, such as swimming, hiking, cycling, and barbecue parties. But the harsh weather may not be as fun for some people, especially those who choose to stay indoors. While at home, there are a few things that you can do to keep your rooms cool and comfortable. Today, we're sharing 10 tips that will ensure your home stays cooler even in a heatwave.

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Tips to Prepare Your Aircon for Summer

Woman using AC during summer.
Your air conditioner requires more attention than ever before the cooling season begins. Imagine flipping the switch on your aircon only to find that it does not work. The unit may have been idle for a few months. It has collected leaves, dust, and debris during that time, which means it requires more maintenance than usual.

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Improving Office Air Quality

Employee turning AC on using remote control.
Did you know that indoor air is worse than outdoor air? Indoor air pollution is one of the biggest culprits of health symptoms experienced by workers in Australia and the rest of the world. It’s why it’s essential to ensure the air in offices is clean and safe. Good air quality inside offices and commercial buildings promotes comfort and also protects everyone’s health.

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Everything You Need to Know about Zone Controllers/Control Systems

Woman adjusting temperature.
In many Perth homes, families typically use a specific part of the house more frequently than others. Meanwhile, some members of the household may prefer a different indoor temperature than other members.