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We also cover ways on how you can lower your electric bills, especially during the winter. We know you want to stay comfortable at home when it gets colder outside. This guide helps you choose the right heater, particularly if you are searching for the most energy-efficient option out there.


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The Benefits of Air Conditioning in Classrooms

Students raising their hands in class.
For millions of Australian students, going back to school can be an exciting time. They can reconnect with their friends and engage in new possibilities. But this excitement is often curbed when they think about their sweltering classrooms. Children, most especially, are not too keen on learning because of the discomfort brought about by little to no air conditioning.

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Guide: How to Size Up Your Room for Split System Air Conditioning

split system air conditioning unit

When choosing an air conditioner, you should not just focus on the cost and brand. There are many other important factors to consider, including the size. When talking about the size, it does not pertain to the actual size of the unit itself. Instead, it is regarding the cooling capacity of the appliance, which is measured in wattage, specifically kilowatts (kW). This cooling capacity concerns the size of the area where the unit will be used.

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Inverter vs Non-Inverter Air Conditioner: Which is Better?

comparing inverter AC
Shopping for an air conditioning unit may seem like an easy task. Just pick one of the brands that you trust and a product that fits your budget, right? Unfortunately, it is not that simple. You have many things to consider aside from the brand name and the cost. You should also think about the layout of your house or room, your cooling and heating needs, and which type of AC suits you best.