Daikin air purifier

An Air Purifier

Is Ideal If You Suffer From

  • Asthma
  • Hay fever
  • Allergies

ACSIS uses Daikin air purifiers which have a 6-layer decomposal & removal system. This system helps eradicate bacteria, small airborne particles, allergens, pollen & unpleasant odours. Daikin air purifiers are also ultra quiet, which means you can sleep easy with one in your home.

Daikin air purifiers improve the quality of the air inside your home or office, resulting in cleaner, fresher and healthier air.

Daikin Streamer


Daikin air purifier
Daikin air purifier



A split system aircon unit installed on a wall.

Split Systems

If you are looking for a more affordable approach, Split systems are a great way to cool individual rooms or spaces. These powerful yet compact units are a great solution for your home or office.

The opening to a ducted airconditioning unit installed on a roof.

Ducted Air Con

A streamlined system, Ducted Air Con offers a hidden approach. Working to moderate temperatures across your entire home or office, allowing everyone to feel comfortable throughout the day.

Airconditioning zone controller used for segmenting of zones of the house.

Zone Controllers

Using technology to cool your home, Zone Controllers help you control the temperature of your property with ease. Allowing you to use the touch interface to easily regulate interior temps.