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Panasonic Inverter Split System Air Conditioners

The energy-saving performance of Panasonic Intelligent Inverter air conditioners are among the highest in the industry. After reaching the set temperature, a Panasonic Intelligent Inverter air conditioner continually adjusts the speed of the compressor to operate with minimum power.


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Panasonic ECONAVI Reverse-cycle Inverter Air-Con delivers the ultimate in energy saving technology.


ECONAVI technology reduces wasted energy

Panasonic Split system units

Panasonic ECONAVI features intelligent Human Activity Sensor technology adjusting the temperature based on movement in the room, if no movement is detected then the temperature will be reduced until movement is detected then the temperature will be increased, thereby saving power when the room is unoccupied.

Sunlight Detection senses if it is sunny or cloudy, day or night and adjusts the temperature to suit. If your air conditioner is set to cool and it becomes cloudy the temperature will be increased slightly to allow for the reduced sunlight.

Constantly maintaining cleaner, healthier air

Panasonic air flow system come with air purifying system called nanoe-G which are fine particles, ions and radicals, to help purify the air in the room. It works well on such micro-organisms as bacteria, viruses and mould so providing a healthier home.

Mild Dry Cooling prevents dry skin and mouth

Mild Dry cooling is designed to reduce the drying out of your room air by increasing the humidity of the room by up to 10% this also helps reduce dry skin, dry mouths and throat which can happen when using your air conditioner in regular cooling mode.

Panasonic Inverters

Energy-efficient Inverter technology

Panasonic Inverter Technology has significant energy savings which in turn save you money on your power bills. A Panasonic Inverter air conditioner can save you up to 50% in cooling mode and up to 64% in heating mode by not constantly turning on and off as a non-inverter does.

Designed for Australian conditions

The outdoor units of Panasonic Air Conditioners have Blue Fin Condensers which are coated in a special antirust covering that triples the life of the condenser, this protects them against the elements of the environment such as salty air, wind and dust.

Super quiet operation

The indoor unit noise of a Panasonic air conditioner can be as low as 21dB so they are a good choice for bedrooms where you can have it running all night without disturbing your sleep. The noise from the outdoor unit is also one of the quietest in the industry.

So easy to use, install and maintain

The Panasonic wireless remote control is very easy to use and also have timer settings that allow you to set two different times for the unit to start and stop within a 24 hour period.

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Panasonic reverse cycle Inverter ducted air conditioner – featuring the ultimate in energy-saving technology.

Panasonic ducted systemPanasonic Inverter technology

Panasonic Inverter technology delivers substantial energy savings, to benefit the environment and your power bill. The Inverter allows up to 50% energy savings during cooling operation and 64% energy savings during heating. This revolutionary technology provides a more even room temperature, as it does not need to be constantly turned on and off. This means that the desired room temperature you set on the remote control will be maintained at all times, providing constant comfort all year round.

Compact and flexible design

Panasonic ducted systems are very flexible in that when designing the required system for your home the indoor units and outdoor units are very compact and lightweight which makes installation easier if the roof space is limited.

Precise power control

The Panasonic air conditioners have intelligent Inverter feature that means the rooms are cooled and heated at a faster rate than non-inverter air conditioners.

Cold draft reduction technology

Quite often with ducted air conditioning systems when you start the unit in heating the air coming out is room temperature air but it feels cool. Panasonic ducted air conditioners won’t send this cool air into the room so the cold draft effect is reduced.

Designed for Australian conditions

Now featuring an outstanding operating temperature range, cooling operation is possible even when it is a scorching 46C outside, which is perfect for Australia’s hot summer days. The heating operation is designed to operate even when it’s a freezing -20C outside, so even the coldest parts of Australia are covered.

So easy to use, install and maintain

Convenience is assured with a weekly On/Off timer (6 settings per day and 42 per week) wired remote control. Installation is also simple, thanks to the thin, lightweight design and long pipe distances, making large differences in elevation possible between the indoor and outdoor units. All units even feature bottom-easy maintenance access, allowing cleaning to be carried out very easily.



Panasonic reverse cycle Inverter cassette air conditioner – featuring the ultimate in energy-saving technology.

Panasonic Ceiling cassettes

Ceiling Cassettes are a good option when you don’t have the wall space to have a wall split system air conditioner installed. Ceiling cassettes also come in a higher capacity than split systems so generally a larger capacity ceiling cassette can be used where 2 splits systems may have been required.


Built-in drain pump

Panasonic ceiling cassettes have a high lift drain pump built in that allows the unit to be installed in most ceilings. With this pump if the unit is installed in a flat roof space the water is pumped up to 850mm and then natural gravity will allow the water to dissipate. A longer drain run is also possible with this system.

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