Air conditioning and heating systems cost money when you use them. However, there are ways that will help you save on power bills. The key is to use these systems efficiently.

If you have found yourself facing extremely high cooling or heating costs over the past month, you should not ignore the situation. There are ways to reduce your heating and cooling bills. We are sure you want to know the answer.

Of course, we will not tell you to stop using them. You do not want to have an unbearable home during the summer or winter. Our blog posts in this category will help you boost your air conditioner’s efficiency, as well as your heater. This way, you can lower your electric bills every month.

You will also find answers to common and uncommon questions. For instance, you may have heard or read stories about how running the heat costs up to three times more than using your air conditioner. We will help you uncover the truth about it, as well as other queries you may have.

To understand electricity usage better, we explain about AC and heater costs. Why does your neighbour have lower power bills than you? Read our posts to find out more about AC and heating costs and bills.

Heating and Cooling Costs and How to Reduce Them.

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How Much Does a Split System Cost to Run?

Split system aircon running in a living room
While we might love the comfort our air conditioner and heating system brings when the weather outside becomes too much to handle indoors, there’s one thing no homeowner enjoys: hefty electricity bills due to the cost of running a split system.

Heating and cooling make up for the most energy for the average Australian home, with about 40% of your household energy usage resulting from your split system.

Knowing how much it costs to run a split system is crucial to plan your energy bill effectively. This article will help you start by breaking down the running costs for a split system in Australia and providing additional options to help you navigate and prepare for your power bill. Let’s dive in!

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Changing Air Conditioner Temperature to Save Energy

Air conditioners have become indispensable, providing much-needed relief from the scorching heat. However, their energy consumption is a growing concern in the quest for sustainability. Understanding and optimising air conditioner temperature settings can significantly reduce energy consumption, leading to cost savings, environmental benefits, and enhanced comfort. So, how does adjusting air conditioner temperature save energy? Our air conditioning experts have answered this very question below.

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Lower Your Energy Costs in 2023

Man unplugging cables.
Updated: 31/08/2023

They say that when it comes to electric bills, the only way is up. Unfortunately, it seems that’s the case for us Aussies. There is hope, though. According to the Australian Energy Market Commission, we can expect an annual decrease in power bills of about $77 by 2024, thanks to the rise of solar power in the country. The Australian Bureau of Statistics released the latest report regarding renewable energy supplies, which have grown by 15% since 2019.