Where it All Began

ACSIS Airconditioning Warehouse began serving the Perth area in 1999. However, owner, Ian Grossmith’s preparation for the business began many years earlier.

Ian began his career as an trades assistant in the refrigeration industry. He followed this with a four-year apprenticeship. In addition to refrigeration, Ian branched out to try different areas such as water coolers and then air conditioning. After several years, Ian had the expertise to begin working as a subcontractor installing air conditioning systems in and around Perth.

During his time as a subcontractor, Ian saw aspects of the industry he believed could be improved. To provide clients with high calibre service and top-quality equipment, Ian began ACSIS Air-conditioning Warehouse. Twenty years later, Ian and his wife Anne are still providing excellent customer service and installing the best air conditioner systems available.

Overcoming Misconceptions in the Industry

Ian’s goal with his new business was not to cast a disparaging light on others but to operate his business without some of the issues he regularly saw as a subcontractor. Some of the problems Ian identified include:

  • Lack of Explanation to Customers

    Many times, clients are unnecessarily displeased because they do not have all of the facts. An example would be the amount of work involved with replacing an air conditioner. Some customers believe it is a quick process that is almost as easy as changing a light bulb. However, in order to protect the environment from refrigerants, a specially licensed expert must complete several time-consuming tasks to make sure the gasses do not escape into the ozone.

  • Amount of Time Spent on the Job

    This is a dual-edged issue that depends on how the installation crew receives payment. Those who get paid an hourly rate may dawdle, increasing the cost of the installation. On the other hand, installers paid by the job encounter the temptation to rush through each call. This makes it possible to squeeze in numerous installations.

  • Price Discrepancy

    Often, the person who gives a client a price estimate for their air conditioner is a salesman who does not know installation. He will give the customer the price for a standard installation. However, when the technicians arrive to install, they often find more work involved than what the cost of a standard installation covers. They will pass the cost to the customer, who usually is angry that they were quoted one price and asked to pay more. While there is not intentional dishonesty involved, there is a lack of preparation and transparency.

  • A Lack of Knowlege in the Industry

    As stated earlier, Ian completed a four-year apprenticeship and has the credentials that go with it. In fact, refrigeration technicians must have a four-year apprenticeship to be fully certified. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all who install air conditioning.

    A fast-track certification program now produces refrigeration techs who spend only one year learning the trade. While an under-trained person may know enough to get by in ordinary situations, they are in over their heads when complications occur. They also cannot devise ways to install air conditioning in hard to reach spaces. Many of the customers Ian sees, were told by less knowledgeable techs that installing air conditioning was impossible.

    The reality was adding air conditioning was possible; however, it would take extra effort and expertise to do the installation.

How We Are Different

After their first five years in business, Anne and Ian felt established in the industry. Starting from scratch and evolving into a company that could hire employees and expand pointed towards a solid future.

The Grossmith’s goal is not to be the biggest company. They want to build strong and lasting relationships with highly satisfied clients who are willing to offer referrals and provide honest feedback. At ACSIS, positive customer feedback and referrals are worth more than sales.

When a client chooses ACSIS Airconditioning Warehouse to do their installation or provide service, the company promises to give the client the best experience.

ACSIS promises its customers:

  • Knowledgeable and helpful staff who will answer questions
  • Trained expert technicians with experience in the field
  • Arrive on time and work efficiently
  • Clean any messes and remove any debris
  • Installation of only quality products

Our Core Values

A successful business operating for over 20 years is not an accident. It is the product of holding all people associated with the business to high standards and values.

  • ACSIS believes that being upfront with the client is always the best way to avoid difficulties. Because Ian has a strong background in installation, he gives accurate quotes based on what he sees when he arrives on a call.
  • ACSIS is known for its uncompromising commitment to quality. This includes the high skill levels of their employees and also the products they carry. They stock a line of dependable, proven products. While there are cheaper air conditioners on the market, ACSIS only works with companies that produce excellent products and will stand behind what they manufacture.
  • ACSIS looks for companies that offer warranties on the goods they produce. If a manufacturer will not back its air conditioners and parts, that is a big red flag. As Anne Grossmith says, “We don’t do cheap. We do quality and stick with quality brands.”