A wall mounted Daikin air conditioner.

The Daikin logo used for the famous brand.One of the reasons why many Australians choose Daikin air conditioners is that they last for a long time. Daikin is the preferred brand of air conditioner for a lot of government departments because of their reliability.

Raising the Bar in Airconditioning

Even with minimal maintenance, they typically do not have many performance issues. Daikin systems can serve you for up to 15+ years

If the lifespan is not enough to convince you why you should choose Daikin, here are more reasons to consider:

  1. Daikin is a World Leader in the Air-con Industry

    Statistics show that many Australian homes have air conditioners, doubling in numbers since the 1990s. For most people, it is a necessary expenditure, whether for homes or business. About 4.6 million use AC units to feel comfortable throughout the day, especially during summer. Half of these households use reverse cycle AC systems for cooling.

    Most homes prefer reverse cycle air conditioners, which Daikin specialises in. The brand also has air purifiers, floor-standing systems, and many others.

    Among the most popular products in the country are:

    Split system air conditioners like US7 and ZENA, which are both wall-mounted. The US7 humidifies or dehumidifies the air to make you more comfortable while the ZENA is a compact modern & stylish split system for your home.

    Multi-split air conditioners like VRV-S can have up to 14 indoor units connected to provide cooling or heating for multiple rooms

    Ducted air conditioners, such as the Premium Inverter Ducted AC, which is excellent for both small and large homes
    Homes with limited space go for Multi-split AC from Daikin.

    All Daikin products have one goal: to contribute to making homes feel more comfortable than ever. Experts work together to design and take advantage of smart technologies. This way, the final product is efficient, long-lasting, and high-performing

  2. Daikin Provides Exceptional After-sales Support

    To sell is great but to provide unparalleled customer support is better. It is what makes Daikin unbeatable. Even after you have purchased an air conditioning system, rest assured that you will get your questions answered. You can also contact the after-sales team if you need assistance for repairs, maintenance, and other issues.

    The Daikin support team.

  3. Your Ac Unit Will Not Only Provide Cooling Benefits but Will Also Help Purify the Air

    Daikin makes homes more comfortable by keeping rooms cool during summer and warm during winter. However, air conditioners also have another purpose. They use high-tech methodologies that lead to cleaner air.

    Daikin split systems & air purifiers come with air purifying filters in them as well as many of the units coming with a more advanced filter that traps many small particles as well as helping reduce odours. This way, you are sure that only clean air is distributed in your house. And it is why Daikin is approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice program.

  4. The Brand is All About Innovation and Continuous Growth

    Many years ago, central air conditioning was the chosen way to make sure buildings remained cool and comfy. Unfortunately, it resulted in substantial power bills with empty rooms getting the air conditioning they did not require. In 1982, Daikin pioneered VRV, which was the first-ever multi-split AC designed for expansive commercial buildings.

    Through VRV, people realised that it was possible to provide air conditioning to separate rooms. The zone control was what everyone needed to achieve comfort while saving energy.

    A few years later, outdoor units could be installed anywhere, including high-rise buildings in 1990. In 2007, Daikin began focusing on humidity as well, which made the products useful for libraries, art galleries, and museums. Today, Daikin offers more energy-efficient products. Through innovation and research, the brand has come up with technologies that can help boost comfort in everyone’s home.

A person cleaning an air conditioning filter with gloves on.
How to Maintain Your Dakin Air Conditioner

Daikin air conditioning units genuinely stand out from the crowd – and it is easy to see why from the benefits mentioned above.

The products come with a five-year guarantee on both parts and labour. It applies to all air conditioners labelled as such, including split and multi-split air conditioners. They should, however, be installed by professionals in Australia.

Maintenance should be uncomplicated, especially for split and multi-split air conditioner owners.

Cleaning the filters is one of the necessary tasks that you should regularly accomplish to ensure your AC lives up to its expected lifespan.

When it is time to clean the filters, you will notice certain signs, such as an apparent decrease in the amount of airflow from the grilles and an increase in noise from the return air location. On the other hand, the appliance will use more electricity, as the unit will be running longer to get to the set temperature. Therefore, if you notice that your power bills are increasing, you should evaluate the health of your AC.

To make sure the filters are clean and unobstructed, here are the cleaning steps to follow:

  • Wash the filter with water
  • You can also use a brush to get rid of the dust in the filter.
  • When you see that the filters are filthy, use lukewarm water. Add detergent and allow the filters to dry in a shaded area. Never put them in direct sunlight.
  • Replace the filter once dry.

Filters should be cleaned according to the amount of use the air conditioner gets, the filters for a home air conditioner should be cleaned at least twice a year for an office air conditioner filters should be cleaned four times a year.

Aside from the filters, you can also clean the outdoor unit by firstly isolating the power to the outdoor unit, then hose the outdoor unit from the building side of the unit to free it of any dirt build-up. 

Cleaning the filters and outdoor unit are not the only things you should do. An air conditioner is not entirely cheap, so you have to take care of it.

Here are the top maintenance tasks that you should accomplish to lengthen the life of your Daikin air conditioner:

  1. Take Care of the Unit’s Exteriors

    Have you ever seen air conditioners that look good as new? Your unit can be in the same condition. The secret is to take proper care of the equipment. The method is not as tough as you may imagine.

    In fact, all you need is a soft cloth. Use warm water and a tiny amount of detergent. Natural products work best since they are milder with no harmful chemicals. Use the damp cloth on the exterior of the equipment to get rid of dust and dirt

    A dish cloth used to clean an air conditioning unit.

  2. Turn the Unit on and Off Properly

    To turn the power off to your air conditioner you should use the isolation switch which is located next to the outdoor unit. If you have any issues with your air conditioner this should be the first thing you try to resolve the problem, turn the isolation switch off for a minimum of 5 minutes to give the unit time to reset, then switch it on. If there is still an issue then contact your air conditioning contractor to arrange a service call.

    Out door isolation switch used for air conditioning and heat pumps.

  3. Ensure the System Has No Airflow Issues

    Airflow issues are a common problem with air conditioning units. This is usually due to filters not being cleaned regularly which reduces the airflow or with a ducted system it can be caused by having all the zones turned on, this will reduce the airflow as a zoned air conditioning system isn’t designed to condition the whole house at one time.

  4. Make Sure There is No Air Leakage

    Zoned air conditioners are usually designed to heat/cool approximately 65% of your house at one time. Air leakage can be caused by a duct being blown off in the roof space which is usually due to not having enough zones turned on. If only one bedroom is turned on this will mean you have a large amount of air being pushed through one outlet and this can then blow the duct from the back of the outlet in the roof space.
    Change the filters

    Aside from cleaning the filters, you should also replace them when they have deteriorated to ensure the air conditioner continues to run efficiently

  5. Tie the Ac Up With a Timer

    Use a programmable timer to help reduce your running costs. You can save money by setting up a timer so your air conditioner is only running when someone is home. You can also adjust the temperature by 1 – 2 degrees to reduce the amount of electricity being used to run your air conditioner. For every degree you change, you can reduce your utility bill by up to two per cent.

    Also, if there is no one in the house, you can use the timer to turn off your air-con on schedule. It helps keep the appliance from running when it is unnecessary.

    An AC app control system downloadable from a phone.

  6. Work With a Professional, Especially During Installation

    A sure-fire way of enjoying the full life of the air conditioner is to start right. During installation, you should never DIY. Yes, it does help you save money, but it does no good after, especially if you are inexperienced. Instead of saving, you end up with even more significant problems, such as the sudden death of the AC.

    A qualified professional will also advise you on what type of air-con best suits your home. You will know where it should be installed and even get maintenance tips. This way, you can take care of the unit correctly, which contributes to its longer lifespan.

If you are unconvinced why you should do so, here are the top benefits of hiring professional air con installers in Australia:

  • You get to enjoy lower power bills by having the correct sized unit installed. Believe it or not, you can save money if professional looks after your air con install. A correctly sized unit will not work as hard as those that are undersized. When your AC is correctly sized, it will quickly reach your desired temperature. Therefore, it uses less energy, which also keeps your operating costs steady.
  • It is without question that Daikin is a brand that offers high-quality products. However, just like other brands, it will fail if you do not take care of the system. Leaving it dirty with uncleaned filters for months will only result in its abrupt failure. Regular maintenance is the key to achieving an optimal system. Your unit will be more durable. Think of the maintenance like an oil change for your car. Regular maintenance will help extend the lifespan of the air con.

When Should You Replace Your Airconditioner?

Maintenance and repairs can only do so much. Sometimes, your air conditioner is telling you it is time to replace it.

Here are some of the tell-tale signs that you should buy a new Daikin unit:

  • Inconsistent temperature: Your unit may need a replacement if it no longer works entirely. For instance, you set it to cool, but it takes longer to work. The room also feels warmer than it should, which means you should investigate it. Call a professional to check whether the unit requires repair or complete replacement.
  • Strange smells or noises: Daikin operates very quietly. You know how your unit sounds when it cycles. If you keep hearing odd noises, it may be time for a new AC. Some noises are normal, such as low humming. However, if it is distracting and you hear grinding, rattling, or screeching, it is a sign of a severe issue. On the other hand, if it is emitting unusual odours, it may be due to mould and mildew in the unit itself. It should be taken seriously because contaminated air can cause health issues for everyone in the household. Never ignore strange smells coming from the air con. Call a maintenance specialist right away to know if it is fixable or if you need a new unit.
  • Excess moisture: Water dripping from the indoor unit could mean the drain is blocked, the filters need cleaning or the internal unit needs cleaning. However, it should not be excessive. A sudden increase in moisture or condensation tells you there is a problem, which should be fixed right away.
  • Short cycles: If your air-con switches itself off erratically, it may be a signal of a malfunctioning unit. The same goes for the AC having difficulty starting. Short cycles do not benefit the appliance because it puts extra stress on it. You need to call a reliable technician right away to check your system.

A Warranty That Speaks Volumes

Daikin offers a five-year warranty for the air conditioner you have purchased. It covers any damage and malfunction of the unit professionally installed in your home. Be sure that you meet the requirements for installation to benefit from the warranty.

To avoid any issues, let ACSIS Airconditioning Warehouse install the unit for you. To discover more please visit our Daikin page and our installation page for installation guidelines.

Author: ACSIS Airconditioning Team

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