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Mitsubishi Split Systems

The SR range of split system aircons comprise capacities from 2.0KW to 9.2KW.

mitsubishi aircons perth - acsis air

Mitsubishi hyper invertermitsubishi inverter - Acsis Air conditioning


Mitsubishi Multi-Split System


mitsubishi multi split system - acsis airmitsubishi multi split systems - acsis air

Mitsubishi Ducted System

The range of ducted air conditioning systems includes capacities from 5.0KW to 16.0KW
Mitsubishi’s Hyper Inverter technology allows temperature conditions down to -20C

mitsubishi eco touch air conditioning - acsis airmitsubishi eco touch remote controlmitsubishi ducted air conditioning perth - acsis air

Main functions
Energy Management
• Peak cut timer
• Automatic temperature set back
• Weekly timer
• Set ON/OFF timer by hour
• Set ON/OFF timer by clock
• Fan only operation
• Sleep timer
• Individual flap control
• High power operation
• External ventilation ON/OFF
• Warm up operation
• Automatic fan speed
• Temperature increment setting by 0.5C
• LCD contrast setting
• Back light setting
• Filter clean sign
• Control sound
• Outdoor silent mode
• Summer time setting
• Home leave mode
• Indoor & outdoor temperature display
• Heating standby display
• Defrosting operation display
• Auto cooling/heating display
• Administrator settings
• Room name settings