Ceiling casette for air conditioner system in Perth

If you’re looking for a new air conditioning system for your home, business or property, you’ve likely looked into several different options. You’ve considered split systems and ducted systems. But have you ever heard of ceiling cassettes?

Ceiling cassettes are unique because they don’t sit in your window or on the wall; they mount on your ceiling. These units work with most standard ceilings.

Many offices and businesses prefer ceiling cassettes because they cool a wide area, but the units don’t take up much space. Today, many homeowners are starting to prefer ceiling cassettes as well.

Read on to find out why a ceiling cassette system might be right for you.

1. It’s Ideal for Small Spaces

If you live in an apartment or work in a small office, a ceiling cassette system is a good choice. That’s because it doesn’t crowd you by taking up needed space. It doesn’t protrude from your window ledge like a window unit or jut out of the wall like a wall-mounted unit. Instead, it does all its work from the ceiling.

Commercial businesses enjoy the ceiling cassette’s compact size, which doesn’t take up space they need to display their merchandise.

2. It’s Subtle, Yet Classy

Because the ceiling cassette is small and simple, it fits into any type of design plan. In fact, the only part you’ll see of the unit is the thin fascia panel. This modern style works just as well in a home as it does in an office or commercial building.

3. It’s Easy to Maintain

A ceiling cassette AC system should function for many years without problems. You simply need to turn off the power and wipe it with a dry cloth about every two weeks. You should also check and clean the air filters. To do so:

1. Disconnect the power.

2. Remove the air filters.

3. Wash any dirt out of the filters with water and a neutral detergent if needed. Don’t use hot water or harsh cleaning substances.

4. Let the filters dry (but avoid direct sunlight).

5. Reinstall the filters.

If the ceiling cassette stops working or produces strange smells or noises, call an AC professional.

4. It’s Quiet

We’ve all been in homes or businesses where the sound of the air conditioning unit was loud enough to drown out conversation. Fortunately, the ceiling cassette does its work quietly, much more quietly than conventional units. And its removed location means you likely won’t hear it at all-unless you look up at the ceiling, you won’t even know it’s there.

5. It Reaches a Cool Temperature Quickly

With a ceiling cassette, you don’t have to sweat in an uncomfortable room, waiting for the unit to reach your desired temperature. The automatic fan turns at an initial high speed to quickly reach the right temperature.

6. It Covers a Wide Area

Ceiling cassettes are typically more powerful than wall-mounted units. The most effective units feature four-way airflow, sending air to every corner of the room. Four-way airflow not only cools a wide space, but it ensures every area of the room maintains your desired temperature.

7. It’s Energy Efficient

With new advanced technology, your ceiling cassette reduces power usage as soon as it reaches the right temperature. This allows it to use less energy and save you money on utility bills. You can also adjust the temperature on the thermostat so your unit doesn’t work harder than it needs to.

If you think a ceiling cassette is the right AC choice for your home or business, talk to an AC specialist today. He or she can offer more information and can install your unit whenever you’re ready.

Author: ACSIS Airconditioning Team

ACSIS Airconditioning Warehouse is considered one of the friendliest, most reliable and most experienced air conditioning companies in Perth. We specialise in both ducted and split system air conditioners as well as a range of additions such as ceiling cassettes, floor consoles, zone controllers and air purifiers. For those larger homes we can design a VRV system to suit that has multiple concealed indoor units connected to 1 outdoor unit. ACSIS has been servicing Perth since 1999 and we’ve grown because of our dedication to delivering the best air con service ensuring our customer’s satisfaction.