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AC filter cleaning is an important part of owning an air conditioner. Neglecting to clean the aircon filter can lead to poor performance and other issues. There are several filters placed inside your AC that help catch dust, pollen, and sometimes even bacteria. Left uncleaned, aircon filters can get clogged, build up moisture, and begin to grow mould. That is why our team of air conditioning specialists have prepared this blog to teach you how to clean an aircon filter.

How to Clean Air Conditioner Filter Debris

Maintaining a proper cleaning schedule for your air conditioner can help improve its energy efficiency, too. Most air conditioners, including split-system models, ducted models, and wall-window models feature these filter components. A cleain air conditioner filter allows for a unit that works better and will last longer.

Review the Instruction Manual

If you want to find out how to clean an aircon filter, always go back to the instruction manual. Every air conditioner comes with a specific set of instructions. While these instructions might be similar from one model to the next, every model is going to be different. Your air conditioner’s manual will provide details about accessing the filter and how to clean an air conditioner filter.

It is important to use the instruction manual specifically meant for your air conditioner to avoid damaging your machine. If you do not have the instruction manual anymore, you might be able to look it up online using the model number on the manufacturer’s website.

Cleaning the Indoor Unit Dust Filters on Your Air Conditioner

Aircon unit dust filter

Inside the air conditioner, you should be able to find dust filters. These dust filters require regular cleaning. The longer you go between cleaning the dust filter, the more clogged with dust the filter becomes. A clogged dust filter works even harder to push air out. In the long run you will end up with higher electricity costs.

Check your aircon’s instruction manual for the specific location of the dust filter. Cleaning air conditioner filters on the inside is usually as simple as opening a plastic cover. Never force the dust filter out of the machine and make sure you know how it goes back in.

Cleaning an aircon filter can be done with a brush or a vacuum. Any excess dust can be shaken outside, too. If your AC filter looks dirty or grimy, you can wash it in warm water with a mild detergent. Always let the dust filter dry fully before replacing it in the air conditioner.

Some models of air conditioner feature a digital indicator that lets you know when the filter needs to be cleaned. If your air conditioner does not have a filter light, you should typically clean the dust filters every few weeks. However, if you run the aircon almost constantly, you should consider cleaning it even more frequently.

Cleaning the Louvres on Your Air Conditioner

Some air conditioners also let you remove the louvres. Louvres are the name for the oscillating blades that help direct air flow into your home. If you can remove them, wipe them down with a dry cloth or suck out any dust with a vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning the Outdoor Unit of Your Air Conditioner

The outer part of your AC also needs regular maintenance. Make sure to keep the outside unit clear of debris, including plants, grass, leaves, dust, and cobwebs. Brush away debris often and occasionally use a vacuum cleaner to clear out dust that builds up inside.

Leave It to the Experts

Our air conditioning specialists are trained to ensure your aircon is debris-free and running as smoothly as possible. We’ve been doing it since 1999.

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AC Filter Cleaning FAQs

Do I Need to Turn My AC Off To Clean the Filter?

Yes, you should never attempt to clean or remove the filter in an air conditioner that is on. You should always turn off the AC unit and unplug it from the wall. These steps are essential to avoid injury from electrical shock.

How Does My Surrounding Environment Impact My Air Conditioner?

If you live in certain areas where it gets very dusty or very humid, you might be surprised at what can build up in your air conditioner. If you regularly use the air conditioner, dust and mould can build up in the unit.

Mould and dust can negatively impact the performance of your unit. And mould spores can end up being blown into your home, where it can wreak havoc on your health.

Clean the AC filters often and regularly to avoid the build up of dust and mould. Even running the unit on fan-mode can help dry the inside of the unit.

Should I Get My Air Conditioner Professionally Cleaned?

A professional AC cleaning can keep your aircon working well year after year. Only a professional service person should look inside the intricate parts of your AC to check refrigerant gas levels and test the thermostat.

Again, check the instruction manual for your AC model. Some aircon manufacturers recommend yearly service. You might be able to wait longer in between a professional cleaning, however, if you maintain a consistent cleaning schedule. Remember that when something appears strange when you go to clean the air conditioner filters, you should always call an air conditioning expert for a service.

Author: ACSIS Airconditioning Team

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