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We’re Specialists in Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

This Air conditioning is best for:

  • Whole-home heating & cooling
  • Is visually less intrusive

A ducted reverse cycle air con system allows you to be comfortable all the year round, no matter what the weather is like in Perth. These units can be installed in new or established homes. The outdoor unit is installed outside your home in a suitable location away from bedrooms. The indoor unit is installed in a central location in the roof space or under the floor with the ductwork out of sight and the only visible parts are the outlets. You can have multiple zones on a ducted system that you can run in heating or cooling mode.

A ducted air con system is a good choice for those wishing to have air conditioning in every room of their house. You can have each room as a zone so that you are only air-conditioning the rooms you are using.

We size your air con unit to allow you to air condition up 65% of your home at any one time, if you wish to air condition all of your house at one time then this is just a matter of a larger unit being used and then no zones are required.

With a ducted air con system the return air is usually installed in a hallway near the center of the house while the outlets are installed near the windows to allow for the air to be drawn back into the return air location.

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Benefits of a Ducted Air Conditioner

A ducted air conditioner offers several benefits for homes and offices in Perth and WA, including:

  • Full control over the temperature in every room
  • Even air distribution, which provides relief during stifling hot summers
  • Energy efficiency for cooling and heating
  • Maintaining the ideal temperature in the house or office
  • Protection for possessions that may be damaged by humidity, such as books, antiques, and furniture
  • Virtually silent operation

A regularly serviced ducted AC can last for many years. Plus, maintenance is almost effortless

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How Ducted Air Conditioning Works

A ducted AC can cool an entire house. It has a central unit (also known as a fan coil), which is installed in the ceiling or roofspace. The unit will then cool the air while distributing the cooled air into the rooms in the house through a series of ducts. You can have cooler or warmer rooms with individual controls, which is a feature called “zoning.”

What is a Reverse-Cycle Ducted AC?

This feature lets the AC perform both in cold winter and hot summer. Reverse-cycle AC systems utilise electricity to remove heat from one area of the house and transfer it to another, such as outdoors. It also pumps usable heat indoors so that the whole household will feel warmer in the winter.

All About Ducted Air Conditioning Zone Control

All ducted air conditioners come with zone control. It enables you to heat or cool specific rooms and each room is a “zone.” In doing so, you now have complete control over cooling and heating for the whole house using a multi-zone ducted AC.

The zone control system is customisable and versatile. For example, if you are using 1 bedroom, the kitchen and the living room, you only need these 3 zones on, this gives you more control over how much of the house you air condition and means you are saving on power costs by not air conditioning empty rooms. You can have specific temperatures for each while ensuring that the cooling or heating will not extend to the spaces outside the zone.

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How to Use Ducted Aircon Wisely

1. Choose the Temperatures Correctly

When you add an extra degree for cooling in summer (or heating in winter), it increases the consumption of the appliance by up to 10 per cent.

The recommended setting in the summer is between 22 to 24 degrees Celsius and 20 to 22 degrees Celsius in the winter. These temperatures are ideal in Perth, so you do not have to force your AC to work overtime. Therefore, you save some energy costs.

2. Run the Aircon Early in the Morning

You can combat the heat while also ensuring that the AC will work to its maximum efficiency. How? It’s simple. You just have to turn the air conditioner on first thing in the morning when the surroundings are cooler. It avoids the need for the AC to battle the hotter environment later during the day.

3. Close the Doors and Windows While the Ac is Operating

It is best to keep the curtains, windows, and doors closed in areas that require cooling. It is an effective tactic for keeping cold air in while hot air stays outside.

4. Maintenance of the Aircon at Least Annually

You can improve the condition of the AC by keeping up general maintenance at least every 12 months. It ensures the air conditioner will perform its best throughout the rest of its life. All that is required is regular clean of filters & washing down outdoor unit to remove any debris build up. It’s best to do this in spring & autumn then if there are any issues with the air conditioner you can arrange for a technician to check you aircon before the heat of summer or the cold of winter as these are the busiest times for service calls.

Can I Change My Evaporative Unit To A Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner?

To change your evaporative unit to a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner you will need to replace everything for the following reasons:

  • The duct used on evaporative systems is larger than reverse cycle systems because an evaporative system relies on larger airflow to cool you like a fan. Reverse cycle air conditioning is temperature controlled so uses less air flow so you don’t feel the air blowing on you.
  • The outlets used on evaporative systems are larger and placed at the entrance to rooms so the air is drawn out the windows. Reverse cycle outlets are smaller and placed near the windows as this is the heat source and the airflow is sucked back through the room to the return air grille which is usually located in a hallway.
Ducted air con
  • If the evaporative outlets are left in the original location, at the entrance to the room, you will find the rooms won’t heat/cool effectively as the air isn’t being drawn through the room, it is being drawn straight out the door to the return air grille.
  • A reverse cycle air conditioner is an extremely worthwhile investment but can be an expensive waste of money if it isn’t installed to work effectively.

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