Owner Operator

Anne Grossmith is much more than the friendly voice you hear when contacting ACSIS Air Conditioning Warehouse. Anne owns and operates the business with her husband, Ian; an endeavour that began in 1999.

To run the business-end of ACSIS, Anne relies on her education and experience as a bookkeeper. In the past, Anne worked as a loans administrator for Mortgage Choice, one of the largest mortgage networks in Australia. Anne’s educational qualifications include:

  • Bookkeeping Certificate Four
  • Accounting Certificate Four

Anne credits her love of math and her strong sense of organisation for influencing her educational path. Clearly, Anne made the right choices as her skills are irreplaceable at ACSIS.

Organisation is Key

Organisation is the key to running the ACSIS office, according to Anne. Poorly kept records and mishandled data can ruin a business. Anne focuses on impeccable record keeping. This helps in areas of customer relations, trend spotting, futures forecasting, and charting the past progress of ACSIS.

Anne makes sure that ACSIS Airconditioning Warehouse focuses on customer satisfaction. For over 20 years this family-owned, and operated business has served the Perth area. During this time, they built their reputation upon providing customers with the right products, installed correctly at a fair price.

Because Anne focuses on caring for the clients, you will not hear slick sales pitches when you call with inquiries.

A significant part of ACSIS’ success comes from first-hand knowledge of the industry. Anne can advise clients and assist them because she has decades of experience in the air conditioning business.

Teamwork is important to Anne as she believes that everyone benefits when the relationships between employees and clients are smooth and comfortable. Anne explains that occasionally, despite everyone’s best efforts, things can go wrong. She and all of the ACSIS team members focus on quickly resolving any unforeseen situations. She feels it is vital to make sure the customer is happy with the resolution of issues and that they understand the steps taken to amend unexpected problems.

High Standards for Team and Work

Anne holds all ACSIS team members to the same high standards she and Ian espouse. A large part of this involves practising a few common-sense rules.

  • Arrive at the job on time and if unexpected delays occur, contact the client, and make them aware of the situation.
  • Always use drop sheets at job sites
  • Clean any messes before leaving a job site and strive to leave the area neater than when you arrived
  • Instruct the client about how to use their new equipment
  • Complete the job in the predetermined time frame, unless there are extenuating circumstances

For small family businesses, word of mouth advertising and referrals are important ways to help grow a business. Anne is justifiably proud of the number of referrals ACSIS receives from satisfied clients. She strongly feels that a referral is the best compliment that a customer can offer.

Repeat business is another excellent measure of how well any company works. A customer will not offer a company their business more than once if they are not pleased with the initial service. However, when customers come back to ACSIS, Anne knows that the team is doing a great job.

Anne’s goals for the future of ACSIS Airconditioning Warehouse are simple. She wants to continue to do everything necessary to make sure that ACSIS is as good as possible.

Running ACSIS Airconditioning Warehouse with her husband, Ian keeps Anne busy five or more days a week. When she can get free time, Anne enjoys connecting with her two adult sons.