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Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning Perth - Acsis air


Ceiling cassettes air conditioning products are compatible with a number of applications like residential, stores and small workplaces.

These great looking systems are perfect for homes where design and aesthetics are as essential to the owner as functionality.

Not only do ceiling cassette air conditioning systems match with all standard ceilings, they are also simple to set up and maintain.


Ceiling Cassettes air conditioners are a more affordable alternative than a comparative ducted AC system.


  • Cassettes AC systems are ideal for locations with false ceilings such as shops, small offices and apartment buildings
  • Cassettes are also suitable for living areas in homes where a wall mounted AC unit is not a viable option
  • Ceiling cassettes systems are sometimes preferable to a split system as only the fascia panel is visible after installation.
  • Cassettes AC systems are a more affordable alternative for the same area than a ducted AC system

Ceiling Cassette Perth - Acsis Air


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