Business Owner & Operator

In 1999, Ian Grossmith and his wife, Anne, opened the doors of their new business, ACSIS Air Conditioning. However, Ian’s history within the refrigeration and air conditioning industry goes back quite a bit further.

A Certified Refrigeration Mechanic by trade, Ian completed his four-year apprenticeship under the direction of A.J. Baker and Son. During this time, Ian learned commercial refrigeration and air conditioning. He received his certificate in the Mechanical Trade and began to focus on work within the air conditioning industry.
Ian worked as a subcontractor installing air conditioning as well as a service manager. Eventually, Ian determined that the best way he could serve customers was by running his own business and basing it on his strong values and ethics.

During his days as a subcontractor, Ian saw several troubling trends within the industry.

These included:

  • Failing to educate the consumer
  • A general lack of knowledge in the industry
  • Price discrepancies stemming from salespersons’ lack of expertise in air conditioning installation

It did not take long for the residents in and around Perth to see the difference in quality and service provided by ACSIS as opposed to that of larger companies who were not as invested in serving the community.

Trust is a key factor to success for local businesses. Ian firmly believes that taking the time to understand the customer’s needs and work out individual solutions to their problems helps to build trust as well as long-lasting relationships with customers.

Ten Service Guarantees

Ian’s experience in all facets of the air conditioning business gives him a strong determination to do things right. To that end, there are several things Ian guarantees several important things to an ACSIS customer.

  1. Ian will be the person doing the quote
  2. He will be on time
  3. Ian will only recommend the right size unit and will not install an air conditioning system that is too small
  4. He will communicate with the customer and keep them informed of any developments or changes
  5. Customers are not left hanging but get same day or next day service
  6. The ACSIS installation team will keep set appointments
  7. ACSIS will complete the job correctly and promptly
  8. Customers who request quotes will receive them promptly, and Ian will never pressure anyone to make a sale
  9. ACSIS will only sell and install top-quality air-conditioning units. They carry Daikin, Panasonic and Mitsubishi brands and will not compromise on quality
  10. All customers will receive respectful and courteous service

Passion in the Competition

Because Ian’s favourite part of his job is seeing an installation completed correctly and seeing a customer happy with their purchase, he has a system in place to resolve the rare problem. If a customer contacts ACSIS about a unit not working correctly, they will do the following to resolve the problem:

  1. Determine if there are any flaws in the unit- The new air conditioner controllers will show an alert if the unit is experiencing a problem. These are not frequent, but issues are easy to see.
  2. Ask the customer to photograph the controls and setting then send the images to ACSIS. Team Viewer allows the unit manufacturer to see the settings and identify any changes the customer should make.
  3. Research and resolve the problem.

Safety First Always

Safety is an area where Ian is uncompromising and with good reason. Putting employees and customers at risk because of negligence is unethical and unacceptable to Ian. All of his employees must have the correct safety qualifications. While his employees possess various certificates that allow them access to construction sites, or elevator work platform certificates, the most crucial license needed is the Refrigeration Handling License. Without this, there is no guarantee that refrigerants receive correct handling.

Do It Once Do It Well

Ian’s ethics and values govern how he operates ACSIS Airconditioning Warehouse. When the ACSIS team goes to install an air conditioning unit, Ian holds them to the same high standards he holds for himself. He fully expects that the installation of the unit is correct the first time. In business, customers do not offer second chances if they feel let down. So all of the ACSIS staff are well aware they need to get things right the first time.

Experience Where It Counts

Ian has more than 25 years’ experience in air conditioning installation. In that time he has seen about everything there is to see in the business. His knowledge and past projects give Ian a keen understanding of what will work or not work as well as why. Ian has never come up against an installation situation he was not able to conquer, and he strongly believes that there is always a way to get something done.

This is why there is a huge advantage in dealing with an experienced air conditioning installer as opposed to a slick salesperson out to make fast cash. Ian will never compromise his ethics to make a sale. Sometimes that means telling customers that a different approach is necessary, but it is always in the customer’s best interest to heed Ian’s advice.