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Changing your evaporative unit to a reverse cycle air conditioner

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To change your evaporative unit to a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner you will need to replace everything for the following reasons:

  • The duct used on evaporative systems is larger than reverse cycle systems because an evaporative system relies on larger airflow to cool you like a fan. Reverse cycle air conditioning is temperature controlled so uses less air flow so you don’t feel the air blowing on you.
  • The outlets used on evaporative systems are larger and placed at the entrance to rooms so the air is drawn out the windows. Reverse cycle outlets are smaller and placed near the windows as this is the heat source and the airflow is sucked back through the room to the return air grille which is usually located in a hallway.
  • If the evaporative outlets are left in the original location, at the entrance to the room, you will find the rooms won’t heat/cool effectively as the air isn’t being drawn through the room, it is being drawn straight out the door to the return air grille.

A reverse cycle air conditioner is an extremely worthwhile investment but can be an expensive waste of money if it isn’t installed to work effectively.