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Beat the Heat: The 3 Most Common Air Conditioning Units

Summers in Australia are hot, and Perth is no exception. Last summer Perth experienced a heatwave which obliterated a 50-year-old record and saw temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius for three days straight. This summer is also set to be a hot one, and now is the time to prepare your home for the onslaught of heat.

Air conditioning offers home-owners a cool respite from the hot weather and should be considered a must-have in your Perth home. If you’re considering having air conditioning installed, or you need to replace an old, broken, or inefficient air conditioning system, then here are the basics on the three main air conditioning systems available on the market.

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Ducted air conditioning keeps a house cool through a series of ducts, usually in the roof. If you want to walk from room to room and not worry about temperature change and you’d like to maintain a steady temperature around the clock, then a ducted system may be perfect for you.

Ducted air is very quiet and the ducts are discreet additions to your rooms. You can choose how many rooms you want to be heated or cooled. A thermostat on the wall can adjust the temperature in every room, which is hassle free.

Although it’s a highly effective and unobtrusive system, ducted air installation is relatively invasive and expensive in comparison to other systems. If you are only looking to cool one room, it would be more cost effective to install a split system.

Split System Air Conditioning

Split system air conditioning consists of two main units. One unit is installed outside the house and processes the air for heating or cooling. The second unit is mounted on the wall inside the house and is the delivery system for the hot or cold air. This system is controlled by a remote control.

If you live in a unit, a studio, or a small house, then split system air conditioning might be the right choice for you. To get the most out a split system, it’s vital that the model you choose has a large enough capacity to cool and heat the required space. By buying a smaller model to save money, you’ll not only tax the system as it strains to do its job, you’ll also have a home that isn’t cooled or heated effectively.

Split system air conditioning modern interior units are sleeker and more streamlined than they were in the past, they still take up wall space. The exterior units may need to be installed in an area used for outdoor dining or entertaining. These factors might be off-putting if you value aesthetics.

Multi-Split System Air Conditioning

Multi-split systems are very similar to split system air conditioning and use an outdoor unit to process the air. This unit then feeds multiple indoor units which are located in different rooms of your home. Multi-split systems allow you to choose an appropriately sized indoor unit for each room.

Your living room might require a larger unit with a higher capacity, while your bedroom might only need to be a small unit with a low capacity. These multi-split systems allow for air conditioning and climate control in more than one room without the expense of ducted air.

Choosing the right air conditioning system for your home will depend on several different factors. The layout of your house, the size and number of rooms you wish to cool, and the scope of your budget, will all help to determine which system will work best in your home. For more advice on which option you should invest in, contact the expert team at ACSIS Air Conditioning. They’ll help to ensure you stay cool and beat the heat this summer.