Air Conditioned Room

Air Conditioning Installation

At ACSIS we like to ensure our customers fully understand the air con installation process from start to finish. Please read our detailed description below before contacting us for more information or a quote today.

What The Installation Of Reverse Cycle Ducted Systems Involves

Step One: an assessment of your home is completed first. This will determine the size of the system required, how many zones and outlets are needed, the suitable location of the outdoor unit, the space available within the roof space, the location of the return air grille and outlets and the available power supply to your home.

Step Two: a comprehensive discussion is held with you in regards to requirements and expectations, the type of control system and the type of outlets.

Step Three: from the above we can determine the unit size (capacity) that is best suited to the your needs. A plan of the home is drawn up to scale (if no plans are available) containing the duct layout and outlet locations. This plan is then used for the materials take off list to determine the cost which is then forwarded to you as a quotation.

Step Four: once accepted a final agreement is signed and a deposit is required with an agreed installation date.

Step Five: from the materials take off list an order is placed with the relevant suppliers for delivery to site on the morning of the aircon installation.

Step Six: installation day, upon arrival to the home the installers introduce themselves. We run through of the plans, grille and outdoor locations are confirmed. The installers then check off the materials delivered to the order list to make sure all of the materials have been delivered to site and then your system is installed. Once the aircon installation is complete you will be given instructions on how to operate the system and how/when to clean the return air filter.

Step Seven: All rubbish is removed from the home. Finally, we will contact you to make sure the job is completed to your satisfaction, there are no follow up issues that need to be resolved and you feel you have been given clear instructions on the operation of your new system. Once all this is confirmed the final invoice is sent for payment.

If you still have any questions at all please contact one of our friendly team for a quote or more information and pricing on air con installation in the Perth area today.